Survival Medicine

Medical care when there is no doctor

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Anonymous asked: Where is the video do you have a link for thre perscription drugs how to obtain them as a prepper I have to take mophine for my back injury.

Video is at:

Getting narcotics will not likely be an option.

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to do a video on wound care,and sutering, or surgical staples thank you Ron

USNERDOC has a great series on YouTube about suturing and wound care. I would point you in that direction.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, Eric... I just watched your info on strep throat, and you suggested penicillin be he go to answer, but if I'm in a bad situation, I may not have access to a pharmacy or hospital to get the penicillin, so what is a survivalist alternative? Thanks.

See my video on obtaining prescription medications.

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Anonymous asked: What is used for someone who is currently in pain management, when a survival scene comes. What would be used? From past trials of holistic meds... Peppers, fish oils, etc. Do not work.

I have piles of ibuprofen and acetaminophen at home. For stronger stuff, you will need a prescription. The holistic stuff is mostly placebo. Some find help with acupuncture and meditation, however.

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Anonymous asked: Can you tell me some basic medial knowledge? Besides the three C's, check, call, and care? I need to know what to do on a less threatening situation, like if something was thrown at someones head and it started to bleed, yet they were still conscious.

I would suggest that you take a basic first aid or wilderness medicine class.

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on the use of colloidal silver as a good general remedy for wounds, maladies of the eyes, ears and nose?

Based on what I have learned, there is a bit of “snake oil” with the colloidal silver crowd. Using a metal to treat illnesses can have some very negative side effects. The Mayo Clinic has the best short summary of colloidal silver (

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Anonymous asked: As a relatively new prepper, I have viewed several YT videos and am quite amazed at the amount of information (some I'd consider good, others not so much) regarding medical procedures and medicines. I have read that many pet medicines can be safely taken by humans and are available without prescriptions. (How would I know what dosages to take?) Are taking pet meds actually safe? What isw your opinion? Thanks

It is illegal to take medications in ways that were not intended (e.g. taking pet meds for human use). Amoxicillin for pets is the same as amoxicillin for humans. You have to make sure the name of the medication is the same as the human one. The dose for humans would stay the same (e.g. if the normal dose is 100 mg, then 100 mg of the pet medication would be needed). BE CAREFUL. There are some pet medications that are dangerous to humans. Make sure the compound is exactly the same.

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Anonymous asked: how do i make my own ringers lactate at home from easy to obtain materials

The problem with making ringers lactate or normal saline is doing it in a way that keeps it sterile. Normal saline would be easier (and more compatible with medications). Glass jars could hold the solution if sterile, and the solution is made under a hood. NS has 9 grams of sodium chloride (NaCl) dissolved in water, to a total volume of 1000 ml.